Perry Farmer’s Market

The Royal Gardens has been sharing fresh cut garden flowers at the Perry Farmer’s Market in Perry, Georgia.  The arrangements range in cost from $2.00-$15.00.  You can even buy zinnias by the stem for $.25.  Every child who visits the Farmer’s Market gets a free flower.  Ella is one of our favorite customers!EllaDaisies at FMIMG_1763.JPGArrangement at FM

1 thought on “Perry Farmer’s Market

  1. This page was the reason we had real fresh flowers that were absolutely beautiful for our special event! We found out at the 11th hour that our wholesale flower order was delayed, and we remembered Mrs. Mary and her flowers at the Perry Farmers Market. She not only had enough for what we needed, but she dropped off the freshly cut flowers from her Royal Gardens in time for us to put together 40 centerpieces! Thank you, Mary for your help and for sharing your God-given gifts!

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