Open House 2018


The Royal Gardens

Open House

Sunday May 13, 2017


Mark your calendars to join us for the 2018 Open House at the Royal Gardens. We promise you a wonderful day of strolling through both the vegetable and flower gardens.


  • Enjoy a walking tour of the gardens.
  • Hang out in some of the garden rooms.
  • Bring your mother or grandmother to smell her favorite flowers.
  • Bring the kids to buy some locally grown flowers for mom.
  • Take some beautiful photographs.
  • Join us for an old-fashioned tea party with homemade goodies.

2541 Elko Rd                       Just come visit!                   Cliff and Mary Royal

Elko, GA. 31025                                                                             478-714-3937

Flower Arrangements will be minimally priced.