It Is Not All Glamor

This is the time of the year when gardening is not very glamorous. At the Royal Gardens we spend many hours preparing the beds, weeding, cutting back perennials, and painting. We recently got a pick up truck load of chicken manure from Leighton and Brenda Cooley of Cooley Farms in Roberta to add to our beds. Let me assure you that unloading a truck load of manure is not very glamorous! We will continue mixing this with some specialized soil we purchased last fall and adding it to all of our flower and vegetable beds.  We also have a few wagon loads of our own compost that we have been cooking since last summer.  It is also ready to be added to the vegetable beds.

We have also started a number of seeds.  Some are growing under the grow lights in my office and others are in the green houses. I used a new way to start seeds for the flowers.  It is called seed blocking.  I had a fair bit of success.  Some seeds did really well, but quite a few finally went into the compost as no shows. I am finding this very discouraging. I plant the seeds, water every day, and still no plants!  I honestly don’t have enough money to buy plants.  May have to do this for a few flowers I really hope to grow.IMG_2819Block Seeding