Come sit a while…

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The Royal Garden offers a place for friends and family to come and meditate, laugh, and fellowship. We are a small cut flower farm.   We sell a wide array of cut flowers such as zinnias, roses, sunflowers, gladiolas, calla lilies, show mums, tulips, daffodils, and dahlias. We offer a wide selection of daylily plants and bearded iris bulbs for sale. We  grow and sell multiple varieties of basil, celosia, and ferns.

Clients can come to gardens and cut their own flowers or find us at the International City Farmer’s in Warner Robins, GA and the Perry  Farmer’s Market. Our flowers can also be found at the Village Marketplace in Macon GA. and on the tables of the Rustic Bistro in Hawkinsville, Ga. and Grow Restaurant in Macon GA.

We also sell fresh from the garden  flower arrangements.   Arrangements are made from whatever is blooming at the time and can even be made in your own vase, dish or basket.

We love to have people visit the gardens. Each year on Mother’s Day we host an Open House. This is a perfect time to tour the gardens and share quality time with family and friends.  Of course the homemade cakes and goodies from the Royal Gardens’ Kitchen make the trip even sweeter!

3 thoughts on “ Come sit a while…

  1. Are there any flowers ready for cutting at the end of March? I do want to buy local for my daughters wedding in Perry in March 29th.

    • I will be delighted to help you if I can. The end of March is a tough time. I will probably have the very tall Sweet William ( Dianthus) , White blossoms from a Chinese fringe tree, some early roses, Ammi Majus ( looks like Queen Anne’s Lace), Snap dragons., and probably Gerber Daisies. I have planted Ranunculus, but I really do not know when they will bloom, possibly during this time. There may be some others such as Bachelor’s Buttons and Larkspur.
      What colors are you looking for?
      Feel free to call me at 478-714-3937 so we can talk.

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